Friday, May 30, 2014

Hard water staining on glass in Fort Myers removed

This glass had hard water spots, then on top of that, the chemicals the homeowners used stained the glass further. Glass Restoration Inc fixed it.

We fix scratched glass in Bonita Springs for the top national builders

Bonita Springs builders know to call the guys with a decade of experience restoring glass. We accomplish what the new kids on the block cannot. Even many of the other veteran glass restorers can't achieve our quality and Value because they are using inferior equipment and lack the training we get by the actual inventor of modern glass repair.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tampa builder solves scratched glass problem

This past year, Glass Restoration Inc. has helped a major national builder solve their problem with scratched glass. Scratches in glass will occasionally happen to any active builder, but in this case it was happening with too great a frequency. We worked with them to repair the scratched glass, as well as identify the source of the problem. AS USUAL, EVERYONE WAS POINTING FINGERS AT WHO WAS OR WAS NOT SCRATCHING THE GLASS. We are able to do a forensic analysis and determine the cause. 

The contractor made changes based on our recommendations. What were the results? Now, instead of calling us for several jobs a week, (They build over 700 homes a year in the Tampa region), we have a couple jobs per month. This is real savings for that national builder that will increase their profit margin due solely to reducing unnecessary losses. This service underscores our value. That one contractor stands to save $100,000 per year or more just in their Tampa region.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yacht Glass Restoration Day

Friday we were in Anna Maria for the yachts. Glass on yachts takes some serious abuse from salt build up on the glass and the wipers. We fix yacht glass too!

Laureate Park glass repaired

Thursday was set aside for glass scratch repair in Orlando. On a home in Laureate Park subdivision for Ashton Woods Homes, the painters accidentally got aluminum staining on the glass. What is aluminum staining? It is the black marks left behind when silver non-coated aluminum comes in contact with glass. Of course it had to be all second story windows. The glass cleaners were unable to get the staining off. So up to Orlando we went, and up the ladder we went. in 3 man hours, we had cleaned off the five affected windows. Ladder work like this takes more man hours because a ground man is needed for support in getting the supplies to the person polishing the glass. It is also our company policy to always have 2 men when doing any work that could be considered more hazardous.  If there is ever an accident, there needs to be a person available to assist or call for help.

Friday, May 2, 2014

1957 BMW Isetta Restoration Project, Glass Restoration

We Fix Scratched Glass in Southwest Florida

Scratched Glass Repair in Bonita Springs, FL

We had an opportunity to work on another classic car last week, and the job was too cool to pass up a video log of the job. it was a 1957 BMW Isetta like Erkel drove. is where you can find more information.

We Repaired Scratched Glass in Fort Myers FL

Today we delivered the newly restored glass for a 1969 Mustang, then went on to our construction customers with scratched glass, Pulte Homes and WCI Communities. We finished up with a beautiful old glass coffee table from a homeowner in Pelican Preserve in Fort Myers. The movers put a 30" long scratch in the glass that was fairly deep. It looks new again since we repaired the glass.
Commercial glass repair job in Tampa, 11th floor of Suntrust building