Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tampa builder solves scratched glass problem

This past year, Glass Restoration Inc. has helped a major national builder solve their problem with scratched glass. Scratches in glass will occasionally happen to any active builder, but in this case it was happening with too great a frequency. We worked with them to repair the scratched glass, as well as identify the source of the problem. AS USUAL, EVERYONE WAS POINTING FINGERS AT WHO WAS OR WAS NOT SCRATCHING THE GLASS. We are able to do a forensic analysis and determine the cause. 

The contractor made changes based on our recommendations. What were the results? Now, instead of calling us for several jobs a week, (They build over 700 homes a year in the Tampa region), we have a couple jobs per month. This is real savings for that national builder that will increase their profit margin due solely to reducing unnecessary losses. This service underscores our value. That one contractor stands to save $100,000 per year or more just in their Tampa region.

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