Sunday, May 11, 2014

Laureate Park glass repaired

Thursday was set aside for glass scratch repair in Orlando. On a home in Laureate Park subdivision for Ashton Woods Homes, the painters accidentally got aluminum staining on the glass. What is aluminum staining? It is the black marks left behind when silver non-coated aluminum comes in contact with glass. Of course it had to be all second story windows. The glass cleaners were unable to get the staining off. So up to Orlando we went, and up the ladder we went. in 3 man hours, we had cleaned off the five affected windows. Ladder work like this takes more man hours because a ground man is needed for support in getting the supplies to the person polishing the glass. It is also our company policy to always have 2 men when doing any work that could be considered more hazardous.  If there is ever an accident, there needs to be a person available to assist or call for help.

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